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Vitamin Shots: Improve Energy, Mood, Immune System, Metabolism and Overall Health

IVme Vitamin Shots


Boosts energy, immune system and metabolic rate.

Biotin (B7):

Helps with the overall health of hair, nails and skin.


This antioxidant helps reduce damage caused by free radicals and sustain natural energy levels while protecting the heart and slowing the effects of aging.


This powerhouse antioxidant neutralizes free radicals that can damage your body’s cells and helps promote anti-aging.

Lipolean B:

This combination of vitamins and fat burning amino acids helps accelerate weight loss efforts while regulating sleep, mood, and appetite.

Super B:

Vitamin B12 plus other B Vitamins, Vitamin C, and metabolism-increasing amino acids to boost energy, immune system and metabolic rate PLUS help regulate sleep, mood and appetite.


A nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory pain medicine used for short-term pain management.

- Ask us about special pricing for packages of 5 and 10 shots -
  • “Amazing!!! The staff works incredibly hard to make sure you feel as well as they do!!!”

    Nancy E.
  • “I’ve had the stomach flu for 3 days. Definitely thankful for this place — probably avoided an ER visit for dehydration. I hope I never have the stomach flu again… But if I do, 10/10 would come back here for treatment.”

    Marina K.
  • “Amazing place! Super professional and clean! Great staff and pricing. I go twice a month for recovery and performance after brutal set of workouts. I have never been disappointed.”

    Katie O.
  • “Top notch service. This place is a game changer whether you are feeling sick, dehydrated, worn down from work or travel, or you just drank too many wine coolers the previous night 😉 Highly recommend the Super B shot and the Myers’ cocktail!”

    Justin M.

  • “The staff was amazing and the UVLRX + Vitamin IV treatment left me feeling the best I have felt in a long time! Thank you to everyone at IVMe Chicago!”

    Bill K.



“I started getting B12 shots at IVme over two years ago. I go at least once a month, sometimes more often if I feel my body needs it. I can always tell when it’s time. I have found that keeping up with my regular injections helps me focus better, sleep better, eat better and just feel ready for anything that comes my way.” — Scott R.



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IVme Wellness + Performance Center

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