IV Hydration for Recovery

IV Hydration for Recovery

Dehydration may not seem like a serious problem; however, it is associated with a long list of health issues including fatigue, headache, muscle aches, dry mouth, dizziness, and lack of mental clarity and concentration. When you reach even mild levels of dehydration, productivity can be reduced by 50% to 75%.

On days when you need to be at your best but a cold, migraine, allergies, travel, fitness training or even a hangover is holding you back, hydration therapy can help.

All of our treatments are administered by experienced, board-certified physicians, registered nurses and certified medics.
    Hydrating fluids and electrolytes to help relieve acute dehydration. Popular with people in their early months of pregnancy. $89
    IVme’s Base IV includes hydrating fluids and B Complex with the option of adding Zofran to relieve nausea and Toradol for pain management. $139
    A favorite of athletes before and after intense athletic activities. Medications for muscle inflammation and recovery are included as needed. $189
  • COLD + FLU
    Whether you want to knock out a cold before it takes hold or decrease the severity and duration of the common cold, flu or food poisoning, this IV will have you feeling better faster. Medications for nausea and pain can also be added as needed. $159
    This hydrating IV plus complimentary Super B shot is ideal for business and adventure travelers wanting to power up and make the most of their time. $169
    Quickly relieve symptoms of migraine headaches with the same IV formula used in many ERs. This IV includes hydrating fluids, electrolytes, anti- inflammatory medication, and acute migraine medications. $199
    Reclaim your day with the optimal hangover cure. This powerful combination of hydrating fluids, electrolytes, vitamins and medications help eliminate nausea, migraines and muscle pain. $159
    If you suffer from seasonal allergies, this IV can help relieve the misery. This supportive mix of vitamins and minerals will help you feel better and should be repeated weekly during heavy pollen counts. $199
    This IV not only provides needed hydration but also aims at combating the sinusitis with immune system support and energy boost. $199


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