Meet our team

Meet Our Team

Dr. Jack Dybis

Board Certified Surgeon

With over a decade of experience as a physician, trauma surgeon, and general surgeon, Dr. Dybis provided the initial inspiration behind IVme. While now focusing most of his attention on medical wellness and IVme’s growth, he remains active as a surgeon. Dr. Dybis graduated from the University of Dayton and medical school at Midwestern University.

Dr. Scott Yilk

Board Certified, Emergency Medicine

Dr. Scott Yilk also has over ten years experience, in some of the busier Emergency Departments in the Chicago area. Dr. Yilk joined the team just after IVme’s founding in 2012. He oversees new protocols and additions to our line of treatments. Dr. Yilk graduated from Hastings College and the University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Medicine.

Mrs. Gina Werner

RN, Director of Nursing

Gina was an initial team member of IVme and was quickly elevated to Director of Nursing. Gina previously served as an Emergency Room and Trauma nurse. Gina’s expertise, drive and passion for making IVme a success are instrumental to the continued growth and development of IVme.Ms. Werner is a graduate of UNC-Wilmington and St. Joseph’s College of Nursing. In addition, Gina is certified to administer Botox®, Dysport®, Juvéderm®, and Restylane®.



IVme Wellness + Performance Center

10am – 6pm Mon – Sat, Closed Sun

IVme Wellness + Performance Center

10am – 6pm Mon – Sat, Closed Sun

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