Neil Morandi, M.D., CEO IVme Wellness + Performance

I am pleased to announce that we have appointed Neil Morandi, M.D., as CEO

I am pleased to announce that we have appointed Neil Morandi, M.D., as CEO for IVme Wellness + Performance, effective immediately.

I started IVme in 2012 with the desire to help people be more proactive with their health. As a trauma surgeon, every time I step into the OR I am reminded that life is short. It’s what pushes me to get the most out of every hour, every day. When I’m run down or sick, I miss out on some valuable hours. In college it set me back in my football training. In med school it set me back with my studies. These days it sets me back from growing IVme and caring for our employees and patients. Working in hospitals has given me easy access to medically sound and scientific-based treatments to help me feel my best. I wanted to extend that access to more people. That was the seed that grew into IVme.

The last seven years have been an incredible ride. Growing from 1 to 3 centers (with more on the way!) and rapidly expanding our menu of treatments has been exciting, but not without its challenges. I’m fortunate that we’ve had a team of dedicated and hard working colleagues always willing to roll up their sleeves and tackle a new obstacle while also providing the best care to every customer that walks through the door.  I also had the good fortune of being introduced to Neil Morandi, M.D., in 2015. Neil has been an instrumental advisor to IVme’s leadership team and an incredible mentor to me. 

As IVme heads into the next phase of growth I am very excited to announce that Neil will be formally joining the team as Chief Executive Officer.  Neil brings exceptional focus and strong experience from founding and growing the medical startup, MedExpress Urgent Care. Neil was co-founder of MedExpress Urgent Care, the largest urgent care company in the U.S., privately operating 141 centers in multiple states when it was acquired by Optum/United Healthcare in 2015. Neil is board-certified in emergency medicine, holds a BS degree in Biology from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and Doctoral of Medicine from Temple University School of Medicine, and completed his residency in Emergency Medicine from West Virginia University. Neil’s extensive knowledge and experience from growing a medical services organization from 1 to 141 centers will be invaluable while at the helm managing IVme’s leadership team, setting a course for continued growth, and fostering the right culture for employee and customer success.

With Neil in place as CEO, I will continue to collaborate with him on the vision and business strategy, while dedicating more of my time to the responsibilities of Chief Medical Officer and caring for our patients.

For IVme, I believe this is a significant moment and I’m excited for what’s to come.  I am grateful every day for the positive energy and support from our team and customers.

Thank you,

Dr. Jack



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