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Meet Jen Eisenberg, IVme Director of Operations

Meet Jen Eisenberg of IVme Wellness + Performance

Jen Eisenberg is Director of Operations here at IVme Wellness + Performance. While you may not always see Jen when you come into the clinic, she is always working hard in the back office or at an event, making sure the business side of the clinic is running smoothly so we can focus on giving our patients the best possible experience every time they visit.

Jen is from the Chicago area, but has lived around the country, including Iowa City, where she attended the University of Iowa for her undergraduate degree in business, and Vail, Colorado. While in college, she got really sick with tonsillitis, and was amazed at how helpful an IV was in making her feel better. She wondered why this treatment wasn’t available for the public outside of the hospital, so when she heard about IVme upon returning to Chicago, she called the office asking if there were any openings.

Jen’s favorite IVme treatments

Now, several years later, Jen uses many of IVme’s services, her favorites being the Sinusitis IV, Biotin shots, and Dysport . The Sinusitis IV works wonders when she starts to feel a tickle in her throat or is traveling for a full punch of vitamins.  Biotin promotes hair, skin and nail health, and Jen says the shot works more effectively than traditional Biotin tablets, since it is more easily absorbed in the body. She gets the shot every 10 to 14 days and pairs it with the glutathione shot. And, of course, Dysport masterly injected by IVme nurse injectors Gina Werner and Olivia Wenstrom, to maintain her youthful vibe.

As Gina said recently, “Jen is amazing to work with! She brings a creative and positive energy to the workplace that endears her to the staff and patients”.  Combined with her hardwork and leadership skills, these qualities have contributed to attracting and retaining top-quality staff critical to IVme’s continued growth. Daily she demonstrates her appreciation for the people she gets to work with, as well as helping patients live healthier and happier lifestyles.

Fun Facts about Jen

In her spare time, Jen loves to travel and ski, often combining the two like her most recent trip to Japan.  She also spends a lot of time at home with her two dogs (Mason and Boe), cat (Doc Holliday), a chameleon (Sherman) and seven tortoises (Torta, Lini, and 5 babies)!

Favorite band: Phish

Favorite place she’s traveled to: Japan

Favorite Chicago restaurant: Momotaro

Fun fact: Jen learned to read at age 3!

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