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Ashley Novak on IV Hydration for Marathon Recovery

Running a marathon is a tremendous feat both physically and mentally. Preparing for those 26.2 miles takes many months of training and fine-tuning your marathon strategy. And, as dedicated runners know, even when you cross the finish line, the work isn’t over; the recovery plan is another essential element to a successful marathon experience.

Unfortunately, the medical staff at IVme has witnessed too many times the pain and agony suffered by runners who neglect their post-race recovery. Cellular damage, muscle soreness and fatigue, and a weakened immune system can keep runners from returning to normal activities for many weeks, and sometimes longer.

“We were seeing too many of our patients missing out on important life events because of illnesses or injuries directly related to a poorly executed post-marathon recovery regimen. That was the impetus for launching IVme’s Athletic Performance Package five years ago”, said Dr. Jack Dybis, co-founder and medical director of IVme Wellness + Performance. “Our Athletic Performance package has become one of our most popular treatments. The Athletic Performance IV has a combination of vitamins and fluids that hydrate, reduce inflammation, increase muscle recovery and boost your immune system. The package also includes a B12 shot which sustains the benefits of the IV while also improving your energy, mood and sleep. All of this helps you recover fully, faster.”

Meet Ashley Novak, Marathon runner, Triathlete + Model

Ashley Novak is a regular IVme patient who has missed only one Chicago marathon since 2012. “When I finished my first marathon, I was bawling,” she says, “at first because I was so proud, but then because I was in so much pain.”

Now, with years of experience under her belt, including finishing third in the Chicago Triathlon this past August, Ashley knows what needs to be done to get her body back to tip-top shape as quickly as possible. Being a model, she travels the majority of the year and doesn’t have much time to rest. She takes advantage of IVme’s Athletic Performance Package to rehydrate, but also to ease pain and replenish the energy and nutrients lost from running for several hours straight, getting her back to her busy lifestyle in days.

“IVme has been an amazing part of my recovery process. The relief I get after a visit makes me feel strong and confident to get back to my hectic schedule.” Her recovery from this year’s Bank of America Chicago Marathon will be especially important as she’ll be competing in Ironman Arizona just a few weeks later!

“People from all walks of life run the marathon, and everyone is just so supportive,” Ashley says. “It doesn’t matter where people are from; we’re all here for a personal victory. Finishing a race, I just feel overwhelming joy.”

*Please note that Chicago Marathon weekend is one of the busiest for IVme and appointments are highly recommended. IVme offers hydration stations for marathon training teams, in-home appointments, and private recovery rooms at both of our Wells Street and State Street locations.

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