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Running a race for a charity is a rewarding experience. Chicago is lucky to house many charities to choose from. People who have run for a charity know that training and racing as a team with a meaningful goal adds immeasurable fulfillment to the entire experience. Just ask Enrique Anguiano, a local Chicago father who will be among the 45-thousand individuals running in this year’s Bank of America Chicago Marathon.

Enrique will be running for Chicago Run, a non-profit organization focused on childhood obesity. His goal is to raise awareness and funds to support Chicago Run’s mission: to help improve the health and wellness of Chicago children by collaborating with children, families, teachers, and school staff, and offering innovative, engaging, and sustainable youth running programs.

As a father his mission is to raise awareness for children’s health, as an athlete he understands the importance of proper hydration for his health and performance. Enrique recently added IV hydration therapy to his training regime (see Defeating dehydration during Chicago marathon training). We sat down with Enrique to see what he thought about his experience. Chciago Run fighting childhood obesity www.chicago.run.org

IVme: Why is running and raising money for Chicago Run important to you?

EA: Being the father of a 7-year old, I know the importance of keeping her active and healthy. Over the summer I got to know some of the students that benefit from Chicago Run and it brought a certain level of nostalgia. I looked back on my days in elementary school and high school and thought, “if only I had had opportunities and role models like these kids do.” One of my favorite quotes is, “be who you needed when you were younger.” I think everyone longs for a sense of satisfaction in knowing that we’ve done something to inspire change and growth.

Enrique Anguiano Chicago RunIVme: What do marathons mean to you and why do you run them?

EA: Running in general means so much to me. It has challenged me in ways I never thought I’d be challenged. My late brother was never able to run. He was born with cerebral palsy. He spent 33 years confined to a wheel chair. I often think of him when I run, especially when I get tired or struggle, and then I run harder, because I know what it would mean to him.

IVme: You recently came to our office for the Athletic Performance IV* treatment; had you tried IV hydration therapy before?

EA: I had not; that was my first-time. The staff was awesome. The nurses who treated me were knowledgeable and answered the 101 questions I had, in addition to checking-in on me to make sure everything went smoothly, which it did!

IVme: Do you think an IV before the marathon will help you stay hydrated?

EA: I think IV hydration before (the marathon) can come in handy because it’s only going to help prepare my body for the race.

IVme: Is IV therapy something you think all marathon runners can benefit from?

EA: I think so. Once again, more specifically in preparation for a race. I think everyone, runners and other athletes alike, can benefit from it (IV hydration therapy).

IVme: Will you use IV hydration therapy again?

EA: Yes! I intend to use it before big races, or if I know I’ll be doing a training run in heat or humidity, which is basically every Chicago summer run!Bank of America Chicago Marathon Team Chicago Run


Our team at IVme would like to thank Enrique for sharing his story with us. We hope you will join us in cheering on Enrique and Team Chicago Run at this year’s Bank of America Chicago Marathon.  If you would like to donate to Enrique and Team Chicago Run please click here.

*The Athletic Performance IV treatment that Enrique received at IVme includes a special combination of vitamins and fluids that hydrate, reduce inflammation, increase muscle recovery and boost the immune system.  If you have any questions about IV hydration therapy and how it can help with marathon performance and recovery, please call our offices, send us an email or stop in.




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